SGT Screw Jack

Lifting force of 5 to 2000kN


ALBERT SGT screw jacks are suited for lifting, lowering, pushing, pulling and pressing. They can be operated manually or by electric, hydraulic or pneumatic motor. ALBERT SGT screw jacks provide a lifting force of up to 2000 kN, a spindle length of up to 10 metres and achieve lifting speeds of up to 0.05 m/s. (higher lifting speeds upon request).

ALBERT SGT screw gears are designed according to a modular concept allowing for any combination and variation required.

On request, ALBERT SGT screw jacks can be manufactured from rust-free materials to permit use even under extreme chemical stress.

If required, the SGT screw jacks can be delivered for explosive areas according to 94/9/EC (ATEX).





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