INKOTURN Couplings



Rotary encoder coupling for true transmission of angular position, with compensation for radial offset and angular misalignment

The INKOMA Inkoturn-coupling (IKT) is a flexible coupling with high torsional rigidity, which has been developed for applications requiring high speed and where shaft misalignment is present. It can accept axial, radial and angular misalignment. Due to the design of the coupling negligible reaction forces are seen at the bearings due to misalignment. Developed with low mass, low inertia and being dynamically balanced the Inkoturn-coupling is suitable for dynamic applications where angular misalignment is present.Under normal operating conditions the coupling is maintenance free and offers a long service life. However, the coupling should be protected against jet water, dust and dirt ingress. As it has a modular structure it can be installed complete or assembled in parts. The central disc (element) is manufactured with special material therefore it is electrically isolating and can absorb oscillation and impact loads. Torque can be transferred backlash free with maximum angular misalignment.





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