Great ideas are what drive us.


We are ready to tackle any challenge – no matter how extreme. And no matter whether these are many hundreds of metres below sea level or aimed at the endless expanses of the universe.

It is your ideas and visions that drive us. Because they are the best incentive for the development of innovative products. Whether for deep-water drilling or the alignment of antenna systems with millimetre precision. For this, we build the most precise, most efficient, most rugged and most innovative drive technology. And this is also the reason why we are among the best in the world as far as innovative components for torque transmission, lifting, lowering and swivelling of loads are concerned.

Deep-water application

100 metres below sea level: The SGT screw jack. Reliable performance under the most extreme conditions.

Our customers know who and what they can rely on: A screw jack that functions reliably and precisely even under the most extreme conditions. To this date, not a single service assignment has been required. This is what encourages us in our daily work. And should the customer indeed call us – our wetsuit is packed.

Precision in millimetres

There is only one way to explore an endless number of square kilometres or the expanses of the universe with millimetre precision: Using the best and most precise screw jack – such as the DSH screw jack. We pride ourselves in making a contribution to solving one of the greatest mysteries of mankind, taking one millimetre step after the other.

No theatre without drive

The SGT screw jack works at a lifting force of 5 to 2000 kN – and can move even the world’s wide stage. The Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow is one of the most prestigious stages in the world. The process for selecting the suppliers for the stage technology was accordingly critical. More the reason for us to be delighted that we could prevail over well-known competitors and were chosen as supplier for equipping the hydraulics of the lifting stages with SGT screw jacks. SGT screw jacks are ideal for use in this area as they are not only extremely powerful, but at the same time very versatile and flexible in use.