HSG Screw Jack (cubic design)

Static load capacity from 2,5 to 500kN



INKOMA-precision screw jacks are high quality engineering products for precise lifting, lowering and pivoting of loads, and are, under normal operation, maintenance free. The use of high quality grey cast iron and aluminium in the production of the housings guarantees a long life and a high operating margin. All housings have a cubic form and are machined on all faces.

Motor and screw jack assemblies can be installed in any position. The worm gearing has a specially modified form which results in low inter-gear specific pressures and an extended working life. The worm is manufactured from high quality alloy steel, hardened and ground.

Normally the spindle pitch and gear ratio are matched. Single start precision rolled screws are normally self locking. However safety regulations must be observed.

Various ball screw options may be selected. These permit higher lifting speeds than trapezoidal units. Screw jacks fitted with ball screws are not self locking. All installations should be fitted with brake motors.

If required, the HSG screw jacks can be delivered for explosive areas according to 2014/34/EU (ATEX).




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