SDA Spindle direct drive actuator

Static load capacity from 12,5 to 100kN


The ALBERT SDA is a rigid but modular direct drive linear actuator. The actuators can operate with faster linear speeds and higher duty in high load conditions. The SDA can be used as a single drive linear actuator. Alternatively, as high precision motion control with synchronisation between the axis are possible the SDA is perfect as part of a multi-axis system.

The SDA range is available in 4 different sizes and with a wide range of accessories. As the SDA range is modular it is possible to adapt the configuration to achieve your application requirements.

The SDA has a rigid construction with fully sealed housing, equipped with robust axial and radial bearings and lifetime lubrication. The use of a pivoting bracket attached to the housing coupled with a range of different spindle ends ensure a pivoting motion is possible. As the SDA is an electromechanical linear solution there is no possibility for oil or air leaks associated with hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders.

As the construction is fully modular a range of motor mounting flanges or bell housings and couplings are available to connect various motors to the SDA. For higher linear speeds and higher duty capability ball screw versions are also available across the SDA range.

Accessories: travel limiter, rotation prevention, safety nut, pivot mountings, couplings, motor adaptors and various range of spindle ends.






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